Six Month Smiles

New Six Month Smiles Logo (transparent)Six Month Smiles® is an innovative technique that can help straighten your teeth in a quick, comfortable, and discreet manner. Through the utilization of clear braces, this treatment is designed to gently realign your teeth to a more desirable position, often in as little as six months. Dr. Edward Romano, one of our talented cosmetic dentists, is highly experienced with the Six Month Smiles® treatment process and can employ this efficient technique to enhance the appearance of your smile with beautiful results.

Benefits of Six Month Smiles®

Teeth straightening with Six Month Smiles® has a variety of advantages over traditional metal braces. Some key benefits of this orthodontic procedure include:

  • Clear braces and tooth-colored wiring
  • Less force used to reposition teeth
  • Results can generally be achieved in six months
  • Often less expensive than other orthodontic alternatives
  • Can correct spaces, gaps, teeth crowding, and a variety of other misalignment issues

Should you be interested in Six Month Smiles®, one of our experienced cosmetic dentists will meet with you to further discuss this treatment and help you determine if it will be the most effective option for your needs.

The Six Month Smiles® Procedure

The tooth-colored wiring utilized in Six Month Smiles® treatments is composed of biocompatible nickel titanium – a material that helps to expedite the teeth straightening process. Once the braces have been secured to your teeth, they will gradually shift your teeth with low tension and mild force until the optimal results are achieved. The entire process typically takes about six months to complete, and unlike some alternatives, there is no additional risk of damage to the roots of your teeth.

Following the completion of your treatment and the removal of your braces, it is generally recommended that a retainer be worn regularly to help you maintain your straight new smile.

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