Laser Dentistry

Our highly skilled cosmetic dentist, Dr. Ed Romano uses a variety of advanced dental lasers that can make treatments more comfortable and effective. Lasers can be used for procedures including gum recontouring, cavity detection, oral evaluations and more. Our practice uses the Diode Laser, Argon Laser and the Erbium Yag Laser. With laser dentistry, less anesthesia is required and treated areas can heal faster than traditional methods.

Laser Dentistry Options

Dr. Romano offers three different lasers: the Diode laser, Erbium laser and Argon laser. We will discuss which laser dentistry option is the most effective for you during your initial consultation.

Diode Laser

Our non-invasive Diode Laser is virtually painless and can be used in a variety of procedures. The laser emits powerful pulses of energy to recontour the gums to correct a “gummy smile.” This laser can also be used to treat gum disease and canker sores. Diode lasers can reduce healing time and the risk of swelling or infection during treatment.

Erbium Laser

Our Erbium Yag Laser helps reshape and recontour teeth without the need for a local anesthetic. The Erbium laser can treat issues such as cavities and decay without damaging healthy tooth structure, which makes it a powerful tool for preventing dental issues in the future.

Argon Laser

Used to help set the cement for veneers, Argon Laser Dentistry allows for quick treatment. This laser is often used for desensitizing soft tissues to cure dental resins and for teeth whitening treatments.

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