With CEREC® 3D technology, you can have dental crowns, porcelain veneers and other restorations custom-designed for your teeth in just one visit. Our experienced cosmetic dentist, Dr. Edward Romano, can fully restore your smile without having to wait a week or longer for a dental lab to design your restoration. This advanced technology can help you achieve beautiful, long-lasting results while you relax in the dentist’s chair.

What is CEREC®?

Our CEREC® technology system is composed of two pieces of equipment: a milling unit used to fabricate the restoration and 3D computer software used to gather information about your teeth and mouth to create digital images. The CEREC® system helps our team create beautiful restorations in one visit without the need to wear a temporary crown while a lab crafts your restoration.

The CEREC® Process

The CEREC process involves taking a digital image of your teeth using 3D computer software. The image is used to customize your new restoration. Once the design is finalized, the data is sent to the CEREC® milling machine to fabricate the restoration, which takes about an hour. Once the restoration is ready and polished, our experienced dentists cement it into place onto the appropriate teeth. The restoration is then tinted to match the color of your surrounding teeth for a flawless smile.

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